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Facebook Link Twitter Link sculpt: to shape, mold or fashion with artistry and precision.
Sculpt Tulsa ...a barre studio

Sculpt Tulsa - Barre Fitness & TRX Classes

Sculpt Tulsa

Tulsa's first dedicated barre studio located in midtown, offering a unique blend of ballet barre work and pilates.

Barre is the workout that has been sculpting the bodies of models and stars for years. Sculpt a long lean form while achieving strength, flexibility and balance. It is never too late to start and never too soon to begin.

Barre (or bar) method fitness classes and workouts are available now. Tulsa-based barre class builds strength while increasing flexibility and balance - helping you to achieve a long and lean form.


  • Lean defined thighs
  • Lifted firm seat
  • Sculpted arms
  • Toned abdominals
  • Calorie burning workout
  • Long, tall posture
  • Strengthened feet, ankles and knees
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved balance

Recent comments...

  • "I had no idea I was in such poor shape… I know it [barre] works, I'll be back!"

  • "Your [barre] class is making my yoga practice stronger. I am more aligned to do the poses because of the specific prompts and cues you provide in barre. Plus I'm getting stronger!"

  • "I am so ecstatic with my results from just 8 times of attending the barre classes. In just 8 of the one hour barre classes I have lost an entire dress size and have noticed more definition and toning everywhere. It's doing wonders for my confidence and energy at my new job! Thanks again, your classes are so enjoyable I look forward to them every Tuesday."

  • "Have finally found the workouts I love! Have never wanted to show up 4 days a week to anything until now! Thank you! PS everything hurts in a good way."

Best Lift & Tuck in Town!